Salty sea air quickly damages materials used to manufacture ships, boats, yachts and other sea vessels. The innovative surface optimisation technology on offer from servFaces will ensure that all surfaces have all round protection from the elements, contamination and everyday wear and tear.

Although there are many fascinating sea organisms, such as algae and barnacles, they can cause costly damage when they attach themselves to the underside of sea vessels. Atmospheric salt spray and sunshine can cause rapid deterioration of deck materials and the portholes can become damaged or salt coated causing a loss of visibility.

The surface optimisation technology is formulated using bionic particles that bond to the surface creating a non-tacky film that reduces the surface tension. Dirt and contamination cannot adhere to the surface as a lotus self-cleaning effect is achieved; Hydrophobicity. Chalking from UV-radiation and calcification are also prevented. servFaces Vitro glass surface protection products help to maintain clear visibility, prevent limestone build-up and provide a hydrophobic property that prevents salt water contamination through adhesion.

Textiles and leather in the interior of the vessel can be contaminated by salt water and damaged by UV-radiation, spilt drinks, oils and alcohol. servFaces textile and leather protection products prevent contaminants penetrating the material structure, thus making them easier to clean and maintain.

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