Whether it is a villa, cottage or town house they are at risk from everyday environmental influences and vandalism that can cause costly damage. The innovative surface optimisation technology on offer from servFaces will ensure that all surfaces have all round protection from the elements, contamination and everyday wear and tear.

Once protected your abode will no longer generate expensive cleaning and maintenance costs. The servFaces products offer optimal protection for terraces in the city, the favourite family couch and the high-frequency-use interiors of the hotel business. Facades, furniture, marble surfaces and other materials used for the interior and exterior areas are protected by a dirt and moisture repelling protective layer. The cleaning intervals and daily wear and tear is reduced which also provides cost savings.

Outside, unsightly moss and algae build-up on facades and balconies is prevented; dirt and ice cannot adhere to the surface. Inside, the optimized surface structures are protected against everyday wear and tear. Fading, discoloration, soiling and staining of mineral and lacquered surfaces, textiles and other materials is reduced. In the sanitary and bathroom areas, special hydrophobic surface protective coatings ensure that shower cubicles, tiles and other amenities are optimally protected against contamination, mould, water spots and lime. The servFaces protective coatings are free of environmental toxins and are safe for all human, animal and plant life in the house and in the garden.

servFaces offers unparalleled know-how in environmentally friendly surface optimisation and sustainable real estate care. Contact your local specialist for advice on your specific requirements.

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