Public transport is an environmentally friendly alternative to other forms of modern day transport. However, they at risk from everyday environmental influences and vandalism that can cause costly damage. The innovative surface optimisation technology on offer from servFaces will ensure that all surfaces have all round protection from the elements, contamination and everyday wear and tear.

Vehicle vandalism such as graffiti and dirt contamination increases the cleaning costs for the operator of the public transport. Additionally, unsightly graffiti and dirt contamination could drive the commuters to stop using this mode of transport, which is also an impact to the operator in terms of cost and reputation. The servFaces anti-graffiti, interior and exterior surface protection systems will provide the operator with a solution to reduce cleaning and visual maintenance costs.

Environmental influences such as exhaust gases and UV-radiation can also cause damage to internal and external surfaces, such as bleaching and discolouration. The servFaces products protect internal and external surfaces susceptible to this type of damage whilst providing an easy-to-clean effect. Protected internal surfaces are resistant to soiling as the contamination cannot penetrate the fabric and the surfaces are more resistant to cleaning processes. Overall cleaning is made easier and the cleaning intervals reduced, thus providing a cost saving benefit for the operator.

Additionally, ticket machines, waiting areas, benches, toilets and glass windows can also be protected with the servFaces products to reduce cleaning and visual maintenance costs, thus adding value to the passenger experience when using public transportation.

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