Safety and comfort of passengers is a high priority for all airlines; the airlines also have a high priority in regard to internal and external maintenance and visual appearance of the aircraft. The innovative surface optimisation technology on offer from servFaces will ensure that all surfaces have all round protection from the elements, contamination and everyday wear and tear.

Clean protected internal surfaces reduce the risk of bacteria build-up, which could cause passenger discomfort; reduced cleaning maintenance provides cost savings. Clean protected external surfaces can reduce damage to the aircraft paint from acidic bird excrement, cleaning solutions and de-icing processes. The surface protection provided by servFaces can also provide the aircraft with a lower drag coefficient during flight, which can result in lower fuel consumption and improved operating efficiency.

The aircraft interior is subjected to constant passenger use and the seats, folding tables, handles, windows and toilets are just a few of the areas that are easily contaminated with dirt and bacteria. Cleanliness is therefore an important factor for the passenger’s satisfaction and health.

The servFaces products help to protect textiles, leather, glass, plastic, aluminium, steel and painted surfaces from dirt and moisture that can lead to bacteria build-up and corrosion. The penetration of contaminants into the surface structures can be reduced or prevented depending on the products selected. The protected and easy-to-clean surfaces also offer cost savings; reduced cleaning intervals and the reduced need for cleaning solutions.

The servFaces products are free from harmful substances and have been developed to reduce impacts to the environment.

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