Everyday environmental influences pollute and damage the interior and exterior of our vehicles, thus impacting the driving experience. The innovative surface optimisation technology on offer from servFaces will ensure that your vehicle has all round protection from the elements, contamination and everyday wear and tear.

All types of vehicles are in daily use and this leads to interior and exterior contamination and soiling of the vehicle. The exterior of the vehicle is under constant attack from environmental conditions, as well as the sap from trees and bird excrement. The interior of the vehicle is also subjected to damage and soiling, surface streaks, stains and scratches.

servFaces product ranges have been developed to provide optimal protection for the interior and exterior surfaces of all vehicles. The surface optimisation technology is formulated using bionic particles that bond to the surface creating a non-tacky film that reduces the surface tension. Dirt and contamination cannot adhere to the surface as a lotus self-cleaning effect is achieved; Hydrophobicity.

Interior surfaces: servFaces products optimally protect leather, suede and other textiles. The surfaces remain breathable whilst being protected by a dirt repellent protective layer. Exterior surfaces: servFaces Ceramic Coatings ensure a long-lasting gloss effect, abrasion resistance and an easy-to-clean hydrophobic surface. Glass surfaces can be treated with the servFaces anti-fogging and Vitro products to ensure clear visibility whilst driving.

The surface optimisation products facilitate easy cleaning and less need for cleaning agents and natural resources, such as water. The water based interior products are harmless to vehicle occupants and the environment.

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